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November 14, 2013

Rear facing until the minimum of 2 years old isn’t the ONLY part about keeping little ones safe in their seats!
Always remember…

  • The chest clip goes ON the chest
  • RF straps must be at or below shoulders
  • FF straps go at or above shoulders
  • No part of the straps can be twisted 
  • No loose straps (Do the pinch test!)
  • No puffy winter coats
  • No aftermarket products
  • NEVER place an infant carrier on a shopping cart

If you have any specific questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to speak to a CPST on Car Seats for The Littles and get the answers you need. If you don’t know better you can’t do better. This group is such an amazing thing, you can just post a photo of your child and get help with installation in minutes! Or for those of you looking at what seat to buy they have a list of often recommended seats HERE but you can also just post your child’s height, weight, age, shirt size, vehicle, and budget and they will help you find the perfect seat to fit your needs. I just can’t stress enough how amazing this group is and how every parent, nanny, grandparent, babysitter, future mother, EVERYONE should join this group if only for a short period and learn proper car seat safety. It’s just an amazing resource!
Proper safety isn’t a parenting choice.




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