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November 18, 2013


Do you follow your horoscope? I am not religious about it but I if I can remember I’ll read Susan Miller. My co-workers are constantly talking about horoscopes, so I really do not even have to look it up for I am usually told what’s happening for the month by one of my fellow Gemini’s, there are quite a few of us at work-makes for fun work days.

My point is if you do, then you know that Mercury was in retrograde until November 10th (give and take a few days as well according to Ms. Miller), and honestly things for about a month felt really fu**ed up. Excuse my French, but there is no better way to describe it. Everything digital just fell apart as soon as I looked at it and it seemed that everyone was angry.

I had a woman at the store threaten to hurt me when I almost bumped into her with my son. I said excuse me and she still went on a tirade. The whole episode ended with me sitting down with my son explaining how to act in these situations. Oh, I didn’t take the high road, I screamed back and it turned into a nasty argument, which is why I had to explain my behavior afterwards. This is after I wrote a post about women being kind to others. I was ashamed at how I handled this situation and as I told my son it was my responsibility to take the high road but instead I let my entire anger just flood out.

Listen, she was mean, but when I calmed down I felt sorry for this person. Sorry that she felt such anger that she would unleash such fury, especially when she saw I had a small child who was singing a song for goodness sake.

This was just one of the weird things that happen during retrograde. If you believe in the energy of the stars and planets or not, this past month was a reminder to myself of what I don’t like to feel. I don’t like feeling mad or having my stress and anger be a part of my personality that someone can shake me so easily. My usual not-so-tired self would have shrugged the mean lady off without a second thought, and if this past month taught me anything, it is that angry Donna is not a title I wish to own. The episode also reminded me that working on balance, not sweating the small stuff, and taking care of my body and soul is not some fruity, granola thing in life. Eating well, getting sleep, and being balanced is life altering. It is also important as a mother and a teacher to your children. Yes, Mercury retrograde is an energy that is powerful, however, when you have balance in your core you can weather all the climate changes the universe brings you.



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