4 Apps that make a parents life easier.

December 04, 2013


Here are 4 great apps I have discovered in the last six months or so. The term easier is tricky with a busy parent, what would make our lives easier is a live -in/ full time housekeeper. Since this isn't in the cards (at least for me)let's start with these apps that help in organization, motivation and streamline what our kids can watch/play with which hopefully helps our day function a bit more smoothly.  

PDF Convert will turn any document you email into a PDF in minutes.

LIft  An app that gives you daily motivation and coaching from beginning to exercise to saving money. If you read this blog often you’ll know that one of my goals is to start meditating again and this app is helping me on getting back on a meditation track.

Flesky I just read about this app on Mashable and I so need it. I have become the worst speller since I type fast and seem to always be on the go -sending important work text messages that look like my 4 year old wrote them. No more with this cool app.

Kids apps: Moms with Apps is a community site of developers that profile safe apps for kids. George Karavias who is part of this community publishes App Friday on “Download Center” of family-friendly apps. 





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