Jewelry for mom.

December 02, 2013

Lately I have been wanting to 'reward' myself. Most of the time it is as simple as wanting a hot drink on my way to work. That is more about not rushing and getting that drink to enjoy on the brisk walk to the train. Recently I went through a series of tests and medications on what has now become a long road to baby #2. This post is about rings (kind of) so I won't go nutty on the fertility road but I will say as I was sitting the other day in yet another appointment I thought to myself I need a little something special. Something special to mark that at least I have tried very hard at something regardless the outcome. 

A more lasting reward I have been eyeing is rings. I have a beautiful ring I bought on an important birthday and I love it. I especially find myself gravitating towards all the delicate rings I keep seeing online and around the neighborhood. I adore these thin rings for you can keep them on and they won't clash with the more costume-ish jewelry one may wear. These little jewels will be my way of celebrating who I am as a mom and I actually have my eye on #1 for my bestie for I know she will love them as well. How do you reward yourself as a parent? Please share!

Ring-ing it in:

1. Threadbare Ring via Catbird

2. Claire Kinder Cuff Ring via Catbird

3. Triangle Ring via Style Addict

4. Gold Hammered Rings via Style Addict

5. Mania Mania Psychic Ring via Shopbop

6. Jennifer Meyer Bar Ring via Shopbop

7. Jennifer Meyer Thin Ring with Turquoise via ShopBop


Photo: Style Addict

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