10 gifts for the well deserved mother.

December 09, 2013

When it comes to gift guides they must feel like my friends and fellow mothers would be excited to receive the gift I am suggesting. There are so many great stores out there, most of them are here in Brooklyn (and available online if you live outside of NYC) with the exception of No.6 and Zara. No.6 is right over the Williamsburg Bridge and Zara stores are easy to find in the city. There is also the Brooklyn Flea that happens on Sundays as well as the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Friday and Saturday nights. So many opportunities to find that perfect gift for the special people in our lives.

1. No. 6 Clog Boots via No. 6 Trends in boots can just past me by when it comes to these boots, these boots own me. I love them and only want a new version every year. They are an indulgence but I cannot tell you how many 'dads' have asked me around Christmas time where to get these boots. I received a short version a few years back as gift from my hubby and they have gotten better with wear.

2. Catbird Tiny Sparkly Owl Ornaments(sold individually) via Catbird These little owl ornaments are great little gift toppers when you are doing a little something and the decor is part of the gift. Perfect for teacher and babysitter gift toppers.

3. Le Creuset Casserole Marseille baking dish via Whisk I love anything from Whisk however I especially love their Le Creuset collection. When the budget allows it I will make an enchilada dish for a friend with a special birthday and of course, Holiday and give the dish (amd the food) as a gift. Great hostess gift.

4. Brooklyn Candle Co. No.002 via Woodley and Bunny  made of pure soy wax, fragrant, and toxin free these candles can burn up for 50 hours and smell divine.

5. Tracey Tanner Small Leather Pouch in Champagne via Catbird  I was given a sweet little coin purse last Christmas and I use it every day. I carry my work id, Metro card and a few important cards in it. I had no idea I needed one but I obviously did for I use it more then a wallet!

6. Jacquard sweater via Zara Perfect for that best friend or sister who loves a good sweater. Zara is a great resource for a gift that will be stylish and stay under 80ish when you are looking for an item they can wear every week.

7. Adina Mill Green Apolyte ring via Beautiful Dreamers is one of the best curated stores I have seen. It reminds me of some of my most favorite boutiques that are hidden in these little nooks in Los Feliz and Silver Lake, California. This exquisite ring is set with a beautiful stone such as this green apolyte stone that is set in hand and sculpted in polymer by Adina Mill.

8. Antipast mane fluffy stripe socks via Bird fuzzy warm socks, perfect for that under $30 gift you are looking for and luxurious in warmth.

9. Bird Gift card. Nuff said.

10. Marlow Goods Leather Bags via Marlow and Sons are a great gift from you to you! A few of my most stylish friends have these great bags that are made to order and handmade in New York City with hides from local farmers. These bags only get better in time and will last well over a decade. The bags can take 3 weeks to ship so order soon or call store for inventory. 

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