5 Last minute (unique) gifts!

December 16, 2013

I have always been a late shopper, as I have mentioned here before when you shop for a living it's not always easy to do for pleasure. As someone who shops late I know what works and what doesn't which I have learnt through trial and error. For instance last year I did Amazon and despite the order stating I would receive at least two days before Christmas the presents came late. I ended up spending more in the end to get some last minute gifts together. Tip, when shopping late, after your order is put through call the company or customer service, confirm with them you are expecting your order to be delivered on time. If it is a gift card or gift through email let them know the time you put the order through and the gift recipients email. This just assures you did everything in your power to get that gift in on time.

Lastly, presents shopped at the 11th hour do not have to feel hurried and lack thought. Here are a few that can be purchased while sitting comfty at home and can be purchased with a few clicks.

1. WORD To Your Mailbox: 6 Months of Children's Books $80 Give the gift of reading to a child in your life with this cool gift where WORD To Your Mailbox can be sent every month for six months in a row or every other month for a year. Price includes shipping. 

2. Bedford Cheese is my favorite cheese shop, the cheese selection is divine and the staff is so helpful on what cheese works for what meal. A 3-month subscription is a great gift to any cheese lover. $180

3. Carriage House Birth Gift Certificates When I was pregnant my favorite gifts were the ones geared towards childbirth and post baby. I loved the acupuncture and yoga gifts, which is why a gift certificate from Carriage House Birth would make any mom to be happy and grateful. The certificate can be used towards a doula or the many services and classes Carriage house offers. Email info@carriagehousebirth.com

  • List the recipient's name and email
  • Amount of gift
  • Your name and phone number. Carriage House Birth will contact you to finalize your gift will contact you!

4. True story, I had a pet goat when I was a kid in L.A. Brownie with the sweetest eyes! Unlike Brownie this goat you don't keep, you give. Give a goat through The One Campaign who has partnered with Heifer Project International  in sending goats to Africa to combat extreme poverty. A goat is $120 however if this is past your budget you can contribute for a share, which is $10. Give a goat/share in a friend's name and send them a card telling them all about how their gift will change lives.

5. It's 11p.m on Christmas Eve and you forgot to get a dear friend a gift, don't fret for e-cards are more popular the ever for us slackers (are we slackers or just busy?!!). Jcrew, Gap, Amazon to name a few do e-cards so you're in luck and I would be just as happy to get an email informing me that an e-card was ready to go for me on Christmas morning!

Need (a lot of ) Toys fast? Yoyo.com (part of diapers.com) ships within a day if you live in NYC and 2 day elsewhere. Once you hit December 20th I would expect orders from even the fastest companies to be a bit slower.




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