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December 20, 2013

This week has been completely crazy with a heavy workload and school holiday obligations. I have found myself with very little time to be on Motherburg. I also must confess that I have become addicted to this French show call The Returned and watched back to back episode this week after C's bedtime. This show is spooky, kind of like LOST so not for children and maybe not for all adults but somehow the French have made it irrésistible to moi. Also, I typed up this list last night. I have one day a week where I am home. It is my stay at home mom day. There is always this conversation we have at work on who has it easier. Stay at home moms or working moms. I think the workload is different depending on what you do, whether it is working from home or staying at home with the kids but I can say in my opinion both are tough. I am always amazed at how much I have to do and how exhausted I feel at the end of this day. This is of course a larger conversation but I included this list for it always amazes me what all moms do in one day. Feel free to share your list with me!

  1. Wake up child
  2. Feed child
  3. Dress child
  4. Dress self, add bright lipstick and maybe no one will notice dark circles under eyes.
  5. Drop child off at school
  6. Run to grocery store, buy pork, run home , drop in crock pot, pour barbeque sauce. Silent thank you to my crock pot
  7. Run to acupuncture(part of my learning to be less stress goal) 45 minutes of doing nothing, feel the energy- chi they say- but can only think of how badly would like to be pinning on pinterest while gathering chi-why can’t this be okay?
  8. Run to school to volunteer at library
  9. Run home take a 5 minute shower, devour lunch, throw on clothes
  10. Look at fashion inspiration for a private client who has an important shoot coming up
  11. Pick up child
  12. Bribe him with a chocolate hand-pie to get him to go home
  13. Make DIY cards for his class card exchange (never again, what was I thinking?!)
  14. Wrap presents to teachers, there are a lot and they are very kind to my high energy ball of a boy
  15. Clean off the glitter off the floor that is causing us to slip
  16. Serve pull pork sandwiches, yum
  17. Bathe child
  18. Read favorite book
  19. Make snack for school next day
  20. Lay out school clothes for the morning
  21. Lay out my clothes for next day
  22. Cuddle in Bed
  23. Watch The Returned
  24. Sleep

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