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December 27, 2013



We're almost there, another year has gone by. When I think about this year I recall that I promised myself one year ago that I would take a chance and visit a fertility clinic, try to not get to stress at work and work out. Well I still refuse to work out, lol, so this is being tacked on to 2014, this is allowed, right? I believe I did stress less at work. I definitely stuck more to my days off and taking my vacation days which is progress. We did visit the fertility clinic and I am not quite there on sharing it all for frankly it makes me sad. Visiting the clinic in itself has been helpful, you do not feel alone as there are all ages and people going through the same journey. However it isn't easy and where the sad part comes in is that you have numbers and charts telling you what your body can and cannot do. But I'm okay, I am happy that we took the step in addressing something that needed to be talked about. Doctors seem to love to have frank discussions with you and while I listen to their medical statistics I also believe that anything is possible. This anything can be what you wanted or something better so we'll see what the 2013 lessons bring into 2014. 


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Coming in January!

Need help figuring out your Mom Style or just need some guidance on making your work wardrobe work for you? Join me for a morning at Bright Horizons In Williamsburg!

Feel free to ask me questions on any of your fashion challenges. A fun Chic Mama Card will be given out to each mom based on what colors and styles work for you, compliments of Bright Horizons. Complimentary childcare for children 6 weeks and up will be provided during event. Please list age, child/children’s name in RSVP.

 Date and Details

 Bright Horizon Williamsburg at 175 Kent Avenue

                         January 18, 2014

                          10:00 am- Noon

            No cost, compliments of Bright Horizon & Motherburg


 Motherburg's own Vanessa D'Auria will be teaching an Early Speech and Language Workshop

  • When: Sunday, January 12th 10:30AM-12PM
  • Where: Caribou Baby, Greenpoint/Williamsburg Map
  • Price: $10 per family

To learn more go to Caribou Baby 


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