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Need help figuring out your Mom Style or just need some guidance on making your work wardrobe work for you? Join Motherburg    Founder and Style Editor Donna Ladd for a morning at Bright Horizons In Williamsburg!

Donna has worked on celebrity covers, consulted for TV shows, and books- yet her favorite people to dress are fellow moms. Feel   free to ask Donna questions on any of your fashion challenges. A fun Chic Mama Card will be given out to each mom based on       what colors and styles work for you, compliments of Bright Horizons. Complimentary childcare for children 6 weeks and up will be     provided during event. Please list age, child/children’s name in RSVP.


                                                              Date and Details

                                    Bright Horizon Williamsburg at 175 Kent Avenue

                                                              January 18, 2014

                                                               10:00 am- Noon


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