Spring Space Savers.

March 23, 2016



Spring is in the air. Finally. And as mentioned a few posts back at my home we've been doing some serious detoxing. Getting rid of things we do not need with the goal of making more space. My son's room has been moved into a loft with a space with a desk area and an extra daybed for visitors. It's quite cute but we have had to be pretty creative on how we made room. My closet was the toughest as it looked like a large clothing bag vomited in my closet area. Yup, not a pretty picture. I am around clothes all day so there is no way I was about to go all KonMari in the apartment. However, with a few purchases that did not break the bank I was able to clean up the closet, add more room in the kid's space and feel like we have a more organized living space which frankly is nice to come home to.

Here are 7 items that are great space savers:

1. These wooded bins are stackable and can easily be nudged into a corner of a room. I would probably not stack more then 2 or 3 and even then may use reinforcement to keep them attach to the wall if you have a crawling baby.

2. I added a deep basket such as this one to hold a large amount of toys. It also makes for easy clean up for the little ones. Just gather and place in the basket. Via Land of Nod .

3. These Rubbermaid Storage Bags storage bags are prefect for blankets, sweaters…baby clothes that need to be tucked away for the future. These bags are not super sturdy, which is why soft goods are more ideal. I just packed away all my fall/winter sweaters making room for that famous closet I mentioned earlier. With the extra shelved space I made this area into a small beauty nook. 

4. Working with clothes daily I am use to using very no fuss hangers as bulky hangers take up precious space. At home I have been using huggable hangers for years and with the excepting of heavy coats these thin hangers will open up your closet space, allowing you to add more and give it a more organized look. The soft velvet surface of the hangers keeps your garment from sliding. JOY Huggable Hangers® Galore Closet Makeover Set via HSN

5. Clear serving trays or jewelry cases are great ways to stack many items together and for space to look less clunky. The trays below are what I used to hold my beauty essentials together.  Clear Tray via Target, Make up trays via Bed,Bath and Beyond .


6. If your like me and forget what you have then try using storage boxes that have ‘windows” so you can actually see what you are looking for. HYFS Box with lid, gray via Ikea

7. An incredible space saver... this wall bookshelf will open up more floor space . Because I am from California I add extra reinforcement to my wall items. On the Wall Book Bin (Warm Red) via Land Of Nod .


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