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January 16, 2014

Living in a home full of old/neglected toys and clothes? Wondering what to do? It’s simple: DONATE THEM!

Hello Motherburg Readers and Happy 2014,

It’s January and your apartment or house is likely cluttered with new toys and clothes from the holiday season. My posts for the next few months will revolve around toys, play and gaining the most out of routines and interactions. Hopefully these posts will help you deal with your newfound clutter. To start, rather than raging at all the plastic toys you keep stepping on, begin to think of giving them a new home. Here’s a short list of places to donate in the city:

Room to Grow: this organization provides clothes, toys and assorted baby related items to families living in poverty. Items for children from birth through 3 years of age are accepted. Donate clean toys and lightly used (in excellent condition) or new clothes directly to their offices at 54 West 21st Street # 401 (between 5th and 6th avenue).

Baby Buggy: this organization provides strollers, high chairs, clothes, toys, books and additional items to families in need in New York City and beyond. Items much be purchased within the past 3 years. For a complete lists of items that can be donated, please see: (please note: stuffed animals must be new with tags on, other toys can be used). They are located at 306 West 37th street, 8th Floor (between 8th and 9th avenue).

Not sure where to Donate? Donation Town has a directory of sites to help you pinpoint where you like to donate. Also, If it is too difficult for you to travel with your items and your kids to any locations that do not pick up, please email me directly at speechtherapynyc@gmail.com and I’ll be your donation assistant. Just include the word “donation” in the subject line. 

And thanks as always for reading. Till the next post later this month, take care.


Vanessa D’Auria is a licensed speech-language pathologist providing home-based services in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. For more information about Vanessa, visit speechtherapyvanessadauria.com. For speech/language questions, please email them directly to speechtherapynyc@gmail.com. 

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