3 Affordable Nursery Resources

January 22, 2014



When decorating my son's nursery I didn't even think of sites such as overstock.com and Worldmarket as resources until the final months. It’s easy to get in your head that the room must be perfect and as expectant mothers we get inundated with all these visuals while setting up the room. The thing to remember is to be open to all resources including the affordable and second hand especially if you have a set budget. So many moms I know rather budget around the surrounding room area and spend on big items such as the crib and bassinet. I personally feel the surrounding area of the nursery is where you can be crafty and find pieces that not only fit in your budget but also give the room the eclectic touch you are aiming for.

1. Nate Berkus Fringe Pillow via Target 

2. Vinnie White Cradle Chair via Overstock

3. Threshold Windham Collection(has glass, other items in collection come without glass) via Target

4. Candy Wraper and Jute Woven Rug via World Market

5. 3 Sprouts Storage Bin via Overstock

Photo: Decorpad.com

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