Happy Weekend.

January 24, 2014

The weather this week has been honestly quite tough. I can usually take a hard winter however this week wore so many of us New Yorkers out. One thing you can count on when living is such an eclectic city is all the examples of amazing people. People, who get up regardless of the weather, walk through the snow and do their best. I saw mothers strolling their babies in the snowstorm, a father ushering 4(!) toddlers in the 9 degree weather at night, all well organized with no crying. I felt very proud of my adopted city and really do believe it is an incredible place. However I'm outta here! The house sitter is set and we are leaving for my hometown of California where I hope to thaw my bones and enjoy me some sun. I will share pics on instagram yet posts will be limited this week but I’ll be back in a week. I’m not sure how refresh as I am flying solo with a four year old but let’s hope the warmth will be all I need.

Reminder of two great events!



  • Little Swappies children’s clothing, toy, and book swap, To purchase tickets and for more information visit us at: www.littleswappies.com

photo source: typeeverything.com



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