Exploring art with your kids

February 03, 2014

Believe it or not, critiquing art can be a lot of fun with kids. (Remember, critiquing art is as simple as talking about it!) Once you start having conversations with your children about art, you will be amazed at their enthusiasm and insight. I have a niece and nephew, now ages 9 and 17, whom I have explored art with throughout their lives. I know this has lead them to view the world differently in comparison to some of their peers, appreciate art and be more creative individuals. Art is timeless and can become an everlasting bond between you and your little ones as they grow. Below are some questions you can ask kids of any age to spark conversation about art and get their creative juices flowing. I hope this helps next time you find yourselves around art, and remember, even if you don’t actually visit a museum, art is everywhere in New York City so these conversations may even take place while walking to the subway. Enjoy and cherish every day with your loved ones!

  1. Do you like it? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think the artist did a good job? Why or why not?
  3. Describe the art.   (setting, colors, light, textures, lines, shapes, etc.)
  4. What story is this picture telling you?
  5. What does that look like to you?
  6. Why do you think the artist made it like that?
  7. Was the artist trying to send us a message? What message were they communicating through their art?
  8. How would it feel to be in that painting (artwork, etc.)? Why?
  9. If you could add a character or something else to that artwork, what would it be? Describe it.
  10. If you were an artist or had to create something for the world to see, what would you make? Describe it.

Angela Veninga touches on all things education for Motherburg. A Brooklyn newbie from St. Louis, Missouri, Angela has taught art education for 11 years. She has been consulting for private clients on how to develop an art curriculum here in New York City and Brooklyn.


Top Photo: eyeem.com

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