Winter Coat Bargains!

February 03, 2014



I am home from a week in Cali. While there I did something I rarely do, hit the mall! I was reminded that the stores are having great sales on coats and other warm items that us East Coasters will be using at least until May, thank you Mother Nature for the welcoming snow. Sigh.

There are some great finds at Zara (I saw the above coat on sale for $80), Jcrew, Madewell and the department stores seem to have the best buys. Most of the coats I saw were light enough that they could be bulked up now and worn solo come spring. Tip: although there is some availability online, it looks like hitting the store is the best way to find that coat that will be a welcome gem in what is becoming a long winter.

Top Coat: Zara

Black Coat: Zara

Toggle Coat: Jcrew (40/ 50 % off sale, definitely go into the store an difinitely you cannot find your size have one the helpful sales clerk find your size at another store, remember warmer states have a larger size run.)


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