4 comforts for a winter weary mama..

February 15, 2014


Another day of snow here in the East. I am officially on 'what makes mom feel better' mode. I am all about comfort and healing. Yesterday after a steam bath I went straight to acupuncture. No I am not a a woman of leisure, the entire staff at my magazine earned a day off as we all gave to charity in 2013 and the company rewards us for something we would do regardless. The acupuncture? I have been going to the amazing Work Song which has been posted about in the past. Work Song has community acupuncture on sliding scale, this is the only way I have been able to go and work on de-stressing and so grateful this exist in our community. Try searching through POCA to find community acupuncture in your area. This is how I am trying to take care of my winter weary body, definitely share what you are doing!

1. Mexican Chocolate. You can try to find this or make it via epicurious.

2. Cozy sweaters sell out as soon as I post them from SheInside but love that they are so inexpensive on this site and Jcrew has sweaters at an extra 50 % off right now.

3. Mexican Chicken Soup via Real Simple

4. Kneipp Warmth & Energy





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