Exploring sculpture from home

February 19, 2014

I love to explore the world of sculpture with kids. One doesn't have to live in an art eccentric city to research sculpture or perhaps you are stuck indoors due to weather? Something us New Yorkers know a little bit about. Researching art online is an easy way to view sculptures from every realm and of any style you can possibly think of. Always make sure your child understands what a sculpture is by looking at some and discussing them first. Then talk about different materials they can be made from… Some artists use recycled materials, some use expensive stones and metals, and some use the earth itself. Possibilities are endless! Here’s a list of a few sculptors I recommend sharing with your kids. I also added some video links to a couple of them that will amaze kids and you!

  1. Dale Chihuly: glass
  2. Maurizio Savini: gum             
  3. Ann Weber: cardboard, mixed media
  4. Claes Oldenburg: mixed media
  5. Robert Smithson: earth
  6. Willard Wigan: dust particles, mixed media               
  7. Nathan Sawaya: legos          

 I hope you enjoyed and please look forward to my next entry for an easy way your little ones can create their own sculpture!

Angela Veninga touches on all things education for Motherburg. A Brooklyn newbie from St. Louis, Missouri, Angela has taught art education for 11 years. She has been consulting for private clients on how to develop an art curriculum here in New York City and Brooklyn.


Photo: StevenandWilliam


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