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March 04, 2014


I grew up loving book series. I love getting to know the characters and following them on whatever ups and downs, adventures, and dramas they may experience.  I loved the Babysitters Club, Sleepover Friends, Sweet Valley High, even a series about gymnasts that through the power of google, must have been simply called, The Gymnasts.  Luckily my parents supported my book addiction and I would read a book, or two, each week.  These days, and even back in my day, it seems the line between book and tv show has become very blurry.  A simple, what came first riddle, the book or the tv show?  All that cross promotion!  But I am just happy when my children want books and are excited to read them.

Here are some of my favorite book series for the younger (5 and under) crowd:

Max and Ruby (Rosemary Wells) - This one hits close to home because my daughter can relate to the annoying little brother and loves to imitate Ruby.  How does Max get away with all that mischief?     

Charlie and Lola (Lauren Child) - Again, hits close to home because now my daughter can live through Lola’s eyes and imagine how her own little brother must feel.  Charlie is so patient and I find it a great conversation starter of how she can treat her own little sibling.  

George and Martha (James Marshall) - Two best friends.  A nice friendship shown in a sometimes silly way.  Their adventures can teach us about how to be a considerate friend, how to be there for our friends, how to be honest with our friends.  The simple stories are easy to read and great examples of a meaningful friendship.  

Franklin (Paulette Bourgeois) - A turtle and his friends learn life lessons.  OK, So it is March.  Six months into school and my daughter has brought home a Franklin book after EVERY visit to the library this year.  She loves him!  And I love the lessons that he learns.  Great for conversations about bigger life lessons (her book this week was Franklin’s Picnic - he offers to bring a picnic lunch for his friends and makes things that he likes, and no one else likes…. great conversation of how to ‘host’ and think of others when planning a menu.  Because,  you know, every 4 year old needs to know the basics of dinner party hosting.  I joke.  But seriously, a good story to remind us to be considerate of others)   

Again, I like series because you get to know the characters in the stories.  So, when reading book 3 or 10 you can try to predict what the character will do or say, or notice how a character has changed.  All great talking points with your child.  Happy reading!

Erica Young has a MA in Early Childhood Education from New York University. She is currently a stay at home mom to a 4 year old pony loving ballerina and a 2 year old metrocard holding bus driver.



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