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March 11, 2014

Today we have a little Q&A on one of my favorite sites. The Glow. Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart have such a unique site with mothers that are creative as well as  lovely to look and read about.

They also have book coming out that all my momma to be's can expect to receive at their showers. Thank you Kelly and Violet for sharing a bit of how The Glow came to be.

MB: How did The Glow come about?

Kelly: My partner, Violet Gaynor, and I first met while working together at ELLE.com. We collaborated on various creative projects and just truly loved working with one another. In 2011 Violet left to go to Instyle (where she is now the Senior Fashion Editor for instyle.com). We soon realized how much we missed working together, and started brainstorming about what we could collaborate on. Soon after, we launched The Glow. Violet and I are both workaholics, and were curious to explore how to fit a baby into the equation. We soon realized that we were surrounded by insanely talented and inspiring women who had seemed to figure out the secret to balancing a career and motherhood without giving up their sense of self and style. We realized that this was unexplored territory, so we excitedly set up our first shoot and The Glow was born! We set out to create an inspiring and practical guide to stylish motherhood, focusing on relationships, home decor, fashion tips and how-to advice. The moms we feature share their stories, the challenges, the struggles, their must haves and their love for embracing motherhood.

MB: I am so obsess with your photography! Do you mind sharing a few tips on how to take beautiful photos?

Kelly: Photographic style is subjective and there are pros and cons for all technical approaches but I have personally fallen in love with natural light. I embrace it and shoot against it for that beautiful glowing light. There is an intimacy that one can capture when keeping the process as natural as it can be. In addition to the light, try to observe your children—capturing them candidly will allow their true spirits to shine. I also love black and white imagery—it's timeless, classic and captures a lovely documentary feel. It's also important to just keep shooting! Photographing your children on a regular basis will allow your kids to be completely comfortable in front of the camera. Don't be surprised if your child wants to to get in on the fun and snap photos of you! Providing a natural and playful environment while shooting will result in the most meaningful and timeless photos. 


MB: The Glow is coming out with a book, so exciting, can you share some details?

Kelly: We are so excited to release our first book, THE GLOW, An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood (published by Abrams, to be released this spring on April 15th), which highlights the amazing Glow moms currently on the site as well 50% new content shot exclusively for the book. We traveled to Los Angeles, Nashville, London, and Paris to photograph and interview over 20 tastemaker moms. 


The Glow



Photo Subjects: 

Christiane lemieux

Molly Guy

Jade Berreau

Jeanann Williams


All Photos Photographed by: Kelly Stuart


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