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March 14, 2014

It is always interesting to look at your bag after you have become a mother. My bag before was full of fashion magazines and receipts for work, clothes and items that I now consider a rare purchase or luxury. This bag (in photo) is my not at work or weekend bag. It goes across my shoulders so I can have my hands free to carry my son's scooter, backpack and whatnot’s. If you're a new mother you have a lot more to carry or at least have a stroller to help you manage child and packages. You may be hearing this often from your friends which is after year 3 things get a bit easier or at the least you start being able to manage your 'things'. Many of my mom friends are still in the zone, on baby 2 and 3! They are not quite out of the baby world yet they seem a bit calmer the second or third time around and have become these space ninjas, able to keep everything in the appropriate place and bag.  

Back to my bag. I have been taking a bit of a breather for the last few months on our quest for baby #2. We haven't been able to get there. Doctor appointments and all that goes with getting help to have a baby started to take its toll. I needed some time to appreciate what I do have, be a good mom to the child I have. So in my bag you'll see a note pad to list things I am grateful for. A little adventure book a colleague gave me. And adventures I am trying whether it be locking myself away for a bit and reading great book. Next week I go away solo on another work trip but a fun one. Taking a hot bath in an amazing tub while on a work trip and catching up on Downtown Abbey is a treat that I am just now getting to enjoy. My son is still young so these moments are still rare but much appreciated. I also always have Vitamin C in my bag, moms regardless if you are a working or staying home mom still have to work when they get sick. I'm not sure where the feather came from, for some reason I always have feathers tucked away in my coats and books. I also always find one or two of my son's toys he manages to stash in my bag for safe keeping. I love being at an appointment or meeting and while looking for a pen out comes spiderman. Somehow having in my bag little reminders of what matters reminds me that taking care of myself a bit better has enable me to be clearer on what is important. What is in your bag?

The notes I was given from my co-worker. R.Nichols.



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