4 'mom' hair styles...

March 17, 2014

I am obsess with this haircut. I had about 5 inches chopped a few weeks ago and every time I see this photo of Clémence Poésy I want to cut more. It is such an effortlessly chic cut and perfect for a busy mom who wants to save time on getting ready yet have a stylish cut. 

I'm jealous of anyone who can braid a fishtail but to get the side braided look you can be a lost cause to the fishtail (like me) and just do classic braids. There are tutorials all over the web. I like this one called the waterfall via Refinery 29.

My favorite bun is a messy french bunI started wearing this style years ago around the time I was pregnant and this became my mom hair for a few years. Once I got the hang of doing it, it took less then 10 minutes. Helps to have plenty of bobby pins especially if you have thick hair.

Another long hair and quick do is the side messy ponytail or braid. Years ago I saw this tutorial is from A Cup Of Jo and find it to be one of the best on this look. Again, once you master this look it can take minutes to do.


Top Photo: Solitaire-Solidaire

Second Photo: Remain Simple

Third Photo: Katie Jones for WWD

Bottom Photo: Luna & Hazel


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