2 Craft Books for the Crafty Mom/Kid

March 26, 2014

Two books coming out in the next two weeks are both craft books from two creative authors. The first one, Project Kid is from Amanda Kingloff, a Brooklyn mother who is the former lifestyle director of Parents magazine. I so happen to work with an editor who worked with Amanda, which is how I first heard of this cool book. I have been lucky to have an advance copy for a few months and found that the crafts are fun and quite creative. I especially love the Painted Feather Peacock Fan, reversible felt crown and we plan on making the Garden Party Terrarium and the Walnut Totems during spring break for the boy's room. I appreciate the resource and tool lists; I hate having to figure out where and what to exactly get when it comes to crafting. There are some pretty extreme crafts in this book however none that overwhelm a craft challenge mom like myself for I feel that I can take my time and even the most imperfect results look pretty darn good...to me at least!

Available April 8th

I am currently just drooling over this book since I have been reading it from my co-worker's desk. It is for the serious crafter and I will admit that I will have my husband make my favorites. I can see my sister in- law using this book for her daughter's room for as I mentioned it is for the crafty crafter. Lorena Siminovich, an artist who oozes creativity, yes she is one of those mom's, however her book is not intimating but a joy to look over and I am sure my husband will enjoy making the toy chest I am eyeing for the boy.

Available April 15th.



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