Finding Your Work Balance

April 01, 2014

I recently read an article on how once women have kids we are either on the mommy track or are pushed out moving forward in our careers or jobs. I completely agree. Certainly there are mothers out there who still make it to top positions. I myself have definitely gone from being in a higher position to a job that I can manage a bit easier and although not oodles of money feels safe and I know I am lucky to have it. However, I am always wondering how can I do something with my future, one that enables me to take care of my family and really map out a long term plan on finance and security? No, I am not quitting my current job but I do think as mothers we are often looking at both sides, and I will say both sides are romanticized. I look at my stay at home mom friends and truly I am jealous. Then one of my stay at homes moms will tell me how she would love to go to an office. Really, get on a packed subway and work in a tiny corner? Yup, sounds good to some of my friends. Grass is always greener.

What I find that moms have in common is that we are amazing, we run our homes and family and frankly we rock. So wrap your head around possibility and read up on what you love and see if that little fire under your belly leads you to something you love. Whether it’s being at home full time with the kids, starting a business or finding that perfect job.

Here are a few links/posts that I have personally kept in my little pocket that will help with the perplexity that being a mom and dealing with the job market brings. 

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Know of any good articles/sites out there? Please share!



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