This Brooklyn mom ♥'s the jumpsuit....

April 28, 2014

There are certain styles/trends where all my fit advice kind of goes out the door. The romper is one of them. Unless you are reel thin they are a hard style to wear if looking completely slim in your wardrobe is a goal. This is why I deem it a look for me. I do not care one iota if I look sexy in a jumpsuit or not. I love it solely for its comfort factor. I have a new boiler suit I am loving right now however my tummy still doesn't look that flat (because it isn’t) yet I plan on sporting this look for a few seasons. It’s been some time that such an array of the jumpsuit/boiler/onsie/romper has merge onto the market in so many chic forms so the romper world is your oyster. And it is not all downhill for us more curvy mamas. A wedge or clog gives you length, which flatters, and you won’t feel Oompa-Loompish. I also suggest buying a size up if you are a bit busty or do not want a snug fit at the bottom and want a loose fit. This will allow you to cuff or pull the legs up a bit and wear with some flat sandals. There are options out there that show off great arms, have drop waists (good to conceal a belly), made in light fabrics for us to choose from. I lean towards the more solid styles, for buying a $500 printed floral style makes zero sense to me however if this is a piece you wear regardless if it is a trend, then go for it! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Casual Boilersuit via Topshop, also avail in navy.

2. Jumpsuit via Zara

3. Collection Jumpsuit via Jcrew*    

*( so many of theses suits starting selling out as I started writing this post! This jumpsuit being one of them, I decided to keep it in for I know it will be avail at stores and most likely will be replenish online)

4. Maternity Jersey Jumpsuit via Topshop.

5. Denim Jumpsuit via Zara

6. Moto pocket Tee Jumpsuit via Topshop


Photo source Pinterest 

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