4 beauty products that restore.

May 12, 2014

Spring has sprung and I have four products that have passed the many requirements of MB’s picky tester, which is moi. My first requirement is that the product cannot be crazy expensive. This can be hard to gage for I have friend’s who will budget to spend $10 on a product and some do not mind spending $80. Second, the product should be as natural as possible; this isn’t easy for many have preservatives so the products can have a long shelf life. If not natural which many skin defense creams are not they must have some major scientific mojo going on in that little bottle/ tube. Lastly the product has to have a decent shelf life in my medicine cabinet. Money is precious and no one wants a product that is only going to last a few weeks so it's no wonder most women spend a bit more time pondering what to buy when it comes to beauty.

Here are the four I am really loving:

  1. Erbavivia Body Lotion I may have mentioned this lotion before, I keep gravitating back to it for it really nourishes and my scaly winter skin is starting to have some color again. You can even see the cracks on my legs from this winter and finally they are starting to fade. The mixture of light cocoa seed butter calming essential oils of lavender, rose and neroli feel and smell fresh and clean. 
  1. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion is a toner that you use after face cleanser. I only use this once a week. I am always amazed at the level of dirt on my skin after I use it, which is why I start using it every few days once the weather is officially warm and I, ma out more. Skin doesn’t dry out and I feel since it is doing deep clean and has the defense ingredient of black tea my face has a nice clean glow to it. I have already had my bottle for 4 months and it barely is used.
  1. Face Stockholm Night Cream Restore. The beauty girls at work really know how to hook me up and although they have given me some luxe creams I end up not really going for $200 creams. I feel that they are heavy on my face and their price tag doesn’t impress me. At $58 this bottle can feel hefty for some or worth it. I find it has worth for since I have been using it for nighttime it skin feels quite subtle. Free of parabens and chemical colorants it also consist of apple, grape and alp rose stem cell extracts that help maintain the texture and elasticity of the skin. Shea Butter, Jojoba and Vitamin E coupled with Rosemary, Spanish Lavender and Tangerine Oils help the skin feel moisturized and recharged.
  1. Face Stockholm Swedish Defense Eye Cream I try quite a few eye creams since this is my troubled area. Much like the night cream this cream helps to keep the under eye area nourished. The complex ingredients minimize puffiness and my dark circles, which are always around, seem less noticeable.






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