Succulents & Terrariums: perfect apartment plants.

May 13, 2014

I am a bit late on the succulent /terrarium boat which I have been wanting one for years yet just never quite found the time to get one together. Now succulents and terrariums are a huge trend with ideas and resources on an endless stream on my favorite décor blogs.

Although I grew up with plenty of greenery I am a terrible plant person. My husband has the green thumb in the family and owned some amazing plants when we first met. Unfortunately (for him) when he started traveling his plants did not make it (I'm not naming names) and we have gotten to the point where the plant life fits in our before kid category. I started feeling like we needed some apartment plants last year, we had a garden for many years yet gave it up when we moved in to our railroad space three years back. Then last month as I was strolling pass the give away section at work someone had put this terrarium (pictured) on the table. It was obviously a gift and some editor wasn’t down with this beauty so I scooped it up before someone else eyed it. My husband promptly told me he doesn't do succulents however when he saw me over water my little find he read up on their care and has been overseeing their survival. Smart man. Its crazy how this little glass ball cheers our space up. I haven’t gone too crazy, I am keeping the terrarium very simple and exploring future ones to add to the apartment for they give our home some much needed fresh energy. These plants are perfect for apartment living and I am ready to welcome more to our space. Ready to plant your own? Here are some tips and resources I have found in my Project Succulent research. 

Buy/Make your own Terrariums at Williamsburg own Sprout!

Great collection of containers and the what up with what on all things terrariums at Rose Red & Lavender

10 Hardy Stylish Succulents via apartment therapy

DIY Terrarium via Free People Blog

Terrarium Care via Sprout Home


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