Happy Weekend.

May 16, 2014


Thank you for all the feedback on the summer camp guide! What started as a what to do for summer post turned into our little guide. It seemed silly as moms as we were researching for activities and camps to not share with you. Please keep emailing, tweeting any summer suggestions. It’s hard to believe that summer is around the corner-how did this happen?! Erica and I are spending it pretty much here in Brooklyn so we want our little community to have the best possible summer. We will be posting soon on some of the tips/ suggestions that were sent our way so keep a lookout!


This Sunday

Coming Up:

Barclays has two cool shows coming up, these sell out fast which is why the advance notice:

Walking With Dinosaurs in July

Marvel Universe in August

Worth The Read:

  • Parents At The Beginning of The School Year Vs The End via Buzzfeed
  • Once We Become Parents We Don’t Want To Hang Out W/You via Huff Post
  • Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips via Lil Sugar


Meatball Recipes, yum! via Brit.com

Good To Know:

For 3- Pre-K –Kindergarten parents in Brooklyn area

I posted on this today of an affordable school with a Montessori approach to teaching. We tend to post a lot of community and mom news daily on FB and twitter, please follow us if you haven’t yet!



Photo: My niece Hazelita & Charlie the cat by Bee Ladd


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