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May 19, 2014

Most of us know that becoming a mother changes us. I always swore (before child) that I would have my same friends, do the same things and always look together, no old sweats for me, thank you very much. Well I ate my words pretty much immediately after giving birth to my son. Friendships changed, some lost, a few stronger and I may not wear sweats but I sure can look pretty disheveled and there have been days I have forgotten to brush my teeth, shirt the wrong way –you name it. Let’s not even talk about the weight gain. I think the toughest part for me has been the friendships. I have really mourn the ones that with good intentions from both sides nevertheless seem to not work after child.

At the same time I have made some new ones. I have a nice circle of trusted mom friends that I feel so lucky to have. One of those moms’ is my friend Erica Young. We have been friends since her eldest daughter and my son were infants. We would always run into each other and chat but didn’t get to really know each other until our kids started school. As we tooled away volunteering at the library she would give me such great ideas for Motherburg. I suggested she try getting her toes wet and write for MB for she is wicked smart and is quite the wordsmith. She has now been writing for a few months and I feel so lucky for her amazing contributions. We have also realized we make a good team which is why Erica is now my new partner/co-editor of Motherburg. Like me, Erica loves our neighborhood; we actually live less then a minute from each other! She lives in the same home her father lived with her supportive husband and has a cool grandmother who is the sweetest thing at 96! Her daughter is a little fashion maven; her boy has the blondest hair and bluest eyes. I am so excited to have Erica as my co-editor! Expect to see more content in the future and from this point forward we will now be signing off with our names. As always thank you for reading this little Brooklyn blog and welcome Erica!




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