The right cut. A new kids hair salon opens up in Williamsburg!

May 21, 2014





I like my son to have a very short buzz cut.  His hair was slow to come in, so it wasn't until he was two that he needed a real buzz.  I went to an old fashioned barber, and he screamed the whole time while squirming on my lap, and when it was over, I was shocked that I didn't loose any of my own hair.

A year later, I was eager to buzz it again, and went to a fancy kid salon where he still freaked out and an uncomfortable stylist managed to maybe cut 1/8" off the back.  It didn't even look like he got a cut.  A few weeks later, I was determined to buzz it, and on a whim went to a local salon/barber shop and after refusing to wear the cape, he managed to sit still on my lap for the first half and then cry for the rest.  I was sweating from the stress of it, covered in hair, but mission accomplished.

I guess his hair grows fast, and two and a half months later, I was ready for another buzz.  Dreading the thought of yet another scream fest, I was excited to hear of the opening of a new kid salon in Williamsburg - Edamama (568 Union Avenue).  I gave him a prep talk prior to going in - how he was going to sit and was going to get a haircut.  Fingers crossed, we walked through the door.  He immediately loved the under the water theme - an octopus, a mermaid, a shark!  Cool, kid sized chairs in bright colors (which gave me an easy out not to be covered in hair again - mommy is just too big for that chair!)  Several movies to select from (Frozen!  The Little Mermaid! And many others) he made his choice and climbed into the chair.  He quietly sat there, holding my hand under the cape, only until his amazing stylist let him touch the buzzer for several minutes to get used to it before putting it on his head.

Now, since he was fully content, I was able to chat with Eda, the owner of this great salon.  A mom herself to an 8 yr old, 4 yr old, and due in a couple of weeks with child number 3, she knows how important this experience can be.  With a background in advertising, and working off her own not-so-great experiences, she was eager to open a salon that focused on both the child (hello great, patient stylists), and the parent (latte, coffee or cupcake?)  As a parent in this neighborhood for almost 5 years, I think I can stay that she hit a home run with this one!  Aside from the cute art, she also has tall shelves filled with hand picked books (available for purchase), a café that offers both hot and cold drinks, as well as cupcakes and other pastries, and an awesome, well lit space for all to enjoy.

Eda is also planning to offer classes (music and cooking), have sing-a-longs, and you can even have a birthday party there - all of course have an ocean theme - think mermaids and pirates galore!

Considering my son was now just quietly sitting there getting his buzz, I was already a very pleased customer, but then Eda said words that stole my heart - mommy and me packages.... what's that I ask? While you little one is getting a haircut, mom can enjoy a blow out. Now, I don't know about you, but this sounds like heaven to me!  My child can be happily occupied sitting in the shark chair getting a hair cut while I can close my eyes and enjoy the bliss that is hot air on my head?  Yes please!

Once done, my son got an awesome pirate eye patch, a cool sea animal stamper, a tattoo, and a balloon.  He was a VERY happy customer, and I realized we made it through our first enjoyable haircut. Still to come - a fish tank to admire, toys for purchase, and a class schedule.  Located right off McCarren Park, easily accessible for both Williamsburg and Greenpoint families, I think Edamama will become a favorite spot for many children and their parents!




568 Union Avenue Unit B, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Prices range from $29 to $32 for haircuts with many fun add ons such as sibling packages, head massage, feather and color streaks.


Posted by Erica Young

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