6 Summer must haves!

May 23, 2014


As we get ready for Memorial Weekend, here are some awesome summer must haves. 

1. Swim gear 

Gap Rash guard hoodie - I have gotten this for my son for the past 2 summers, and bought for this year back in March when I was dreaming of warmer days.  I love that there is a hood - no need to deal with a hat.  Even if the hood blows off, we can easily slide it back on, no chasing hats all over the beach (or when he was younger, and would pull hats off, this was so much easier!) 

2. Sunscreen

Badger Baby Sunscreen has an overall rating of 1 on the Environmental Working Group's database.  As a parent - it is nice to know we are using safe products on their sweet skin. 

3. Beach tote

Big Baggu - only $12 and weighs 3oz.  For years I have been using a large canvas tote for all our beach gear, and man, does it get heavy.  The bag alone is heavy, and once we add all our stuff, I feel like it is a suitcase packed for a month.  This year, I picked up the Big Baggu in an adorable sailor stripe for our beach gear.  I also picked up 2 baby baggus ($7 each) to encourage each kid to carry their own towel (or least some of the toys!) 

4. Beach towels

Bed Bath and Beyond How cute are these? With options such as frog, superhero, princess, mermaid, and more! what kid wouldn't love these when they emerge from the water freezing. 

5. Entertainment .... at the beach?! 

My kids love the beach, and will happily play in the sand, look for crabs, go in and out of the water.... but I sometimes see older kids at the beach that aren't as easily entertained.  Enter game towels.  I saw these last year and thought they were great for older kids.  A fun, yet practical, item to have!

6. A fun twist on traditional sand toys

Melissa and Doug have super cute sand toy sets - cookies, pizza, and more!  A fun way to practice our cooking skills while relaxing at the beach. 

Have a safe and happy summer!  Remember to apply sunscreen liberally and often. Try to avoid mid day sun, the beach is less crowded in the early morning and late afternoon anyway! Stay hydrated, always watch your child in the water, even if they are a good swimmer, and stick together.


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