Keeping your hair healthy during summer.

June 02, 2014

Dry hair isn’t just a winter condition when we have less moisture in the air and need to add conditioners and oils so hair doesn’t become damage. Summer is also a time when we are are out more then usual (us East Coast folks) and sun damage can cause just as much damage to our hair. Here are a few of my tips I have learned through trial and error and from my beauty friends on to keeping your hair healthy during summer.


Deep Condition. My rule with deep conditioners is if your hair is fine then once a month of a deep conditioner should be enough. For thicker hair every other week should do the job. Mixed Chicks is great for it is made in the USA and although close to $50 a little goes a long way.


Mask It. Use an after a sun mask that is has specific ingredients to fight some of the harsh chemicals swimming and salt water can add to your hair. A good mask will work quickly in reviving your hair. The Macadamia has 3 essential oils that have always been great damage repair for me. Tea tree oil, argon and of course macadamia.


Layer it. Adding a silicone polisher adds a protective layer to your hair. The best products are the ones that have frizz control, add shine and have natural oils in the ingredients. There are many great glosses out there. I learned of Olive Oil products back in the day when I lived by a salon owed by some lovely ladies from the Dominican Republic who would use this Olive Oil spray on my hair that kept my hair shiny and soft for days. 


Ease up on the styling tools. The month of August I rarely wear my hair down for my hair just ends up a hot mess and it seems point less with the humidity we experience here in New York. Summer is a great time to ease up on the styling tools and give your hair some time to recoup. Put hair up in ponytails; french buns and braids a few times a week. MB’s beauty board has some great hair pins for inspiration.


Bring color back. When I lived in California my hair would just naturally highlight (spoiled west coast-er). I try to emulate this with highlights which may work during fall/winter but come summer my hair will oxidize when I am out at the sun too much. A color shampoo brings some of the color pigment back and can last for weeks if you use it at least once a week. There are a few out there but most run $10-$60. Not all cheap however you only need a bit to get hair back to an even color.

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