Thoughts on Father's Day.

June 13, 2014

My children are pretty lucky.  They have a dad who is fun, and big and tough, and sweet with the hugs and kisses, but will also throw them on a bed and tickle them until they can’t take it.  

And do you know how I know how great my husband is?  My son pretends to be him.  Not just in an ‘I am a daddy and I am going to work (or whatever)’ way - but in an ‘I am a daddy and here is my baby’ way’.  Yes, my son is daddy the parent, not just daddy the man.  And, yes, my son LOVES to take care of his baby.  He will back carry his baby (which as a huge back carrying fan, I just love!).  He will feed his baby, cover his baby with blankets, and sleep with his baby.  And I am totally comfortable with my son riding down the street on his scooter with his baby tied securely to his back (in my cabbage pack baby carrier from when I was a kid!).

While my family is more on the traditional side - my husband working and me staying home, we are lucky to live in an area where I see lots of dads at the playground. And dads dropping off or picking up kids from school.  And dads out for a walk with the stroller.  And lots of dads baby wearing!  So my son, and other sons, see active dads.  Which is so amazing.  

So dads, while us moms like to take all the credit, I hope you know how crucial you are to the equation.  Your daughters are learning how they should be treated (married, separated, divorced, just together…. respect is always required!) And your sons are learning how to do this by watching you.  My children watch how my husband lets the ladies go in first, or holds a door open.  They look forward to a night time story from Daddy.  So, every now and then, shake it up - step in and show your children that parenting is done by both parents and there are no such things as mom or dad tasks.  Only parent tasks.


So, while I don’t see many ‘father’s day brunches’ out there - know that you are appreciated.  You are a huge part of a tiny person’s life.  And we thank you for that.  


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