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June 16, 2014



So most moms have been there... we have a baby (or 2 or 3 or 5...) and we are all of a sudden this 'new' person.  Do we need to all of a sudden go from wearing high heels to sneakers or low V-necks to turtlenecks?  In the almost 5 years of being a mom my style has fluctuated.  Let's start with the fact that I love maternity jeans - um, nice denim with an elastic panel that makes going to the bathroom super easy?  Sign me up!  But, after having my daughter I was a bit desperate to wear non-maternity clothes and so I went to a store, did not look at one size label, and bought the first pair that fit me.  I didn't care what size they were, I just wanted regular jeans.  Then, (luckily) those jeans got too big, but my pre-baby jeans didn't yet fit.  So, hello sweatpants phase!  Again, super easy to slip on and off, and a nice light cotton meant I could even wear them in summer.  Then, I became pregnant again and back into those comfy maternity jeans I went.  After my son I was a bit more eager to look a little better - once again, bought jeans that fit without looking at the size, and did pretty good.  I stopped wearing my sweatpants and instead wore casual sundresses in the summer.

This past fall, my daughter started school.  Not that I wanted to be dripping in diamonds and furs, but I wanted to look a little more pulled together at drop off, so enter the next phase - the jegging - after years of thinking I wasn't skinny enough to wear them, I tried a pair, and wow - easy to wear, comfy, and with the tighter fit, I actually felt skinner!  I tend to pair my jeggings with a collared button down shirt, or a fitted t-shirt with a cardigan.  I feel pretty good!  But something is missing....

Enter Rachel Levin Style.  I'll be honest, as with many things in my life, I think, hey, I got this, why have someone else tell me what to wear or how to wear it?  But, let's be honest, some people, like my almost 5 year old, have style, and some people, like myself, don't.  So, I was interested to hear what Rachel had to say.  First off, Rachel is super easy to talk to.  Great listener, great interpreter - after a 45 minute consultation, she had a pretty good grasp of who I was, what my needs were, what my likes and dislikes were.  It felt like therapy!

We met up at recently opened ID Co-ed (Berry St and N3rd).  A spin off of ID Men, this store carries women and men’s clothing, some jewelry, and some shoes and accessories.  I gave Rachel complete control and I glanced out the window while she moved around the store picking out pieces.  We were going for three looks - every day kid friendly, weekend kid birthday party, and dressy date night.

For every day kid friendly Rachel had selected a simple white tee (which I was like, oh, I would totally pick something like this!) and some higher waisted, yet super stretchy skinny jeans.  My two AWESOME take away tips - when I first put the tee on, it was eh.  Boxy.  Blah.  But then,, Rachel rolled one sleeve up (check out the picture) - and BAM!  An instantly more pulled together, feminine look.  Now on to the jeans - while I was too shy to shoot a pic of my behind, pocket placement is key - the lower point of the pocket perfectly hits at the right spot to give me an awesome looking booty!  And with the higher waist - I can bend over, pick up a kid, climb the ladder to the slide, and I am not giving any free shows if you know what I mean!  I also didn’t have to pull and tug at them - they stayed perfectly in place.  


I love the birthday party look.  A nice navy printed dress, cinched at the waist, flared skirt bottom, and long enough to cover yet short enough to move around.  The sandals were great - super comfy, chunky enough to run after a kid, and with the bit of height, I felt skinnier and more pulled together than a flat sandal.  Add on a cute crossbody bag and I am hands free, ready to once again, pick up a kid, hold a drink, wipe a nose, you get the idea.    

The date night look was super feminine.  Those same chunky heeled sandals, a basic yet detailed white dress.  And a gorgeous printed scarf to add a pop of color and keep my shoulders warm if needed.  I felt beautiful and ready to sip some wine and stare into my love’s eyes with no kid interruptions.  




Rachel Levin lives in Williamsburg where she has clients both in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Rachel Levin Style offers consultations, personal shopping, and closet reorganization. To learn more about Rachel please visit her here.


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