Free swimming lessons at McCarren pool.

June 15, 2014


We had a lot of fun doing this the first year the pool open. The lessons happen before the pool opens to the public so it isn't overwhelming to the kids especially the teeny ones. The first year I meant to register for just one session but registered for all 3 and got into two so I definitely feel if your child is not in a camp this year this is a great lottery to try whether you live here or are planning to visit around one of these sessions. 

Session 1 Tots Ages 1 ½ -5years 7/08-7/22

Session 2 Tots 7/24-8/07

Session 3 Tots 8/12-8/21


Session 1 Children Ages 6-17 7/09-7/21

Session 2 Children 7/25-8/06

Session 3 Children  8/11-8/22



Posted by Donna

Photo: Fitacola


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