Obsess with Brooklyn's Coral and Tusk

July 01, 2014



My obsession with Coral and Tusk started when I first spied their pillows at  Sweet William. Bronagh, the owner has an amazing knack in finding unique labels and this line was like no other I had seen. Their designs have seemed to have grown in the last year and the looks are true gems. I love these pieces for a nursery or a family room. You can find the pillows and badges at Sweet William as well as Coral and Tusks line on their online shop. 

Here are just a few of my favs:

Fox Portrait Art Work

Cheetah Cameo Pin

Chevron Bucket

Chevron Round Bolster

Feather Fan Round Bolster

Feather Pouf

Tiger Pocket Doll


Photo: Coral and Tusk, Kate Lacey

Posted By Donna

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