Nacho (average) birthday party

July 02, 2014

Every summer my son's birthday falls either on or close to a family beach vacation week. I can have his birthday before we leave or have it amongst family. Moms with summer babies know that throwing a birthday during this season is tough. Not only does my son's birthday land on a month where just about everyone in New York City high tails it out of town, it’s hot and not ideal for a party unless you rent a space and pray friends are around. The last two years this problem has been solved. At school the teachers allow for us to do an early b-day celebration in June with cupcakes. We call this his faux birthday. For the family birthday party, which is in my opinion the best way to celebrate since this is the time my husband’s entire side of the family is together. C gets to be with his cousins, and since he is an only child this is a time I look forward to. Little people with the same last name, all close in age and very happy to see each other. Aunts and uncles who adore him and cherish the time they have with him, it really is what a birthday celebration should be about. It is best that the party happen during the day for it give us moms a planned day of activity. The key is that it is easy and not too complicated. My son is my little Nacho Libre so I decided we’d have a party in this appropriate theme where I can make easy food such as quesadillas, nachos por of course and some other finger food like taquitos. Not only is this affordable it is a perfect way to enjoy the beach, kids to have a fun filled afternoon that will be full of sugar and hopefully knock them out in naps so we can enjoy some post party R&R.

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