Toddler Bed: Jenny Lind Bed

July 08, 2014


My son's crib was the Jenny Lind crib which has a vintage feel to it and I really loved how it mixed well with the the modern pieces in the nursery. When it came to the toddler bed I found that finding a bed he would have for years challenging. The prices were either cheap and the bed looked unsafe or crazy expensive for the more sturdy ones. We ended up finding a great bed at Target but through my search I really fell for the toddler bed from the Jenny Lind collection and it is quite cute. You can find it in twin and full size at Land of Nod with fun colors such as canary yellow, raspberry and azure. These beds can be a wee bit on the pricey side yet they seem worth it and I do trust the Land Of Nod on their selections however I listed a few resources that are a bit less in price as well.


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