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July 14, 2014



Summer time means a bit more care and maintenance needs to happen since we are now wearing summer shorts, dresses and sandals. I am not a big go get a bikini wax kind of gal. First, I don’t have the time and second, it’s not in my budget. However if you are going to wear a suit this summer the bikini line is a must as are a few others beauty necessities. Here are 4 summers show people those mama bod musts.

The Bliss ‘fuzz’ off bikini hair removal cream is worth the 30 bucks as a little goes a long way. It only takes minutes for the removal to kick in. The Shea butter, Aloe and vitamin E keep your skin smooth and prevent drying from any harsh chemicals. The rule: use 24 hours before you hit the beach just to make sure there is no redness or irritation from using the crème.

Nair Spa Clay Face Wax Strips More hair removal but this time for the face area although you can use them in the body area as well. Perhaps you may want any facial hair you have to be lighten by the sun but it seems the darker my face becomes the more prominent any stray facial hairs I have become. I have been using these strips for about two. They are easy to use, just take a strip and warm it up in about 30 seconds between your palms. Apply for about a minute and voila all done and rarely is there any of that sticky residue that some strips tend to leave. For around $6 a box with 40 strips this box will last me a year or so.

Gel Effect Polish I once declared the gel manicure the mom manicure. Though not on the cheap side the manicures lasted through all the dishes I washed and what not’s. After hearing about that these manicures may not be safe due to the ultra violet light I stopped immediately. My beauty friends say if you are going to do a gel manicure then apply a high 50 SPF to your hands when you are under the light. Luckily many nail polish companies are doing these gels like polishes. I use the Gel Effect polishes and without fail I am always asked if I had my nails professionally done. The polishes run $14 applies and dry fast and I have had mine for a good 6 months.

Jergen’s Natural Glow Since most of my face crèmes have SPF I rarely tan my face, which is why this moisturizer comes in handy. I use it about twice a week, which is enough for it doesn’t really give you a dark tan just a bit of color and last months as I use it year round.


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