Summer Reading for young children, books to make it happen.

July 15, 2014

It’s summer! Hooray! You’re headed to the beach. You’re taking swim classes at the McCarren Park pool. You’re drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. You’re simply rolling around in the grass and happy to see the sunshine. Whatever you’re up to this summer, be sure to keep those children’s books nearby. Summer is a great time to continue the very important activity of reading to and with your young children. In case you need more reasons to read, click here.

Here are some great summer reads for you and your kids:



Lisa’s Airplane Trip: This is a fun one. A little bunny (I think she’s a bunny?) travels to visit some relatives. Don’t ask why she’s traveling alone. Enjoy her adventures and variety of feelings throughout. The best part: several pages devoted to her spilling her juice mid-flight.


Maisy Goes on Vacation: Maisy the mouse is going on a trip. Again, don’t ask why she’s traveling with her friends and not her family. Maisy packs a suitcase and travels by train to a coastal destination. The best part: Maisy and her friend fill out postcards towards the end of the book.



Spot Goes to the Beach: Spot really gets around: the park, to school, on a farm. In this book, Spot and his dad go to the beach. I know, I know what dogs go to the beach with sunscreen and beach balls? Don’t ask – simply lift the flaps and read away! The best part: when your child lifts a flap and finds Spot’s Dad buried in the sand.


At the Beach: A young girl and her mom spend the day, you guessed it, at the beach. Sunglasses are worn, towels are spread out, sunscreen is applied and sandwiches are eaten. Be prepared for a moment of trouble – a tiny crab nips at her toe in the sea. The best part: when mom and daughter hold hands and splash about in the water.


One Hot Summer: A combination of illustration and photo collage show a young girl enjoying one city day in the summer heat. She uses chalk on the sidewalk, eats two grape popsicles and is relieved when rain later arrives. The best part: when she dances/plays with her shadows.


A Summery Saturday Morning: This one is in rhyme. A woman and four kids go walking to the beach with two dogs in tow. The dogs chase everything in sight. It’s repetitive, light and full of joy. Some of it can be sung as well as read. Kids will love helping you complete the sentences. The best part: the word “guggliwugs.”

Thanks as always for reading this post. Happy summer and happy reading! Till the next post. Take care!


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