5 musts that go in my summer tote.

July 21, 2014

As I have mentioned a few posts back my weekends and days off are spent running around or at the park with my son. Of course I pack water and snacks and other essentials but there are a few items that I feel just make life a bit easier when you have these items always in your bag. Here are my 5 summer must haves that make a on the go mom life a bit easier:

1. We have been using this spray for a few weeks and it is by far my favorite. Meow meow tweet herbal insect repellent.

2. I only use my charger for a quick charge, maybe 5 minutes, this buys me enough time to use my phone or have it on until I get home. There are several portable chargers out there, this one is by Elivebuy, but definitely read up to find the best one for your phone.

3. You can either place a few bandages in a ziplock or buy these Easy Access Bandages Flexible Fabric  ones.

4. We like the Trader Joe's Organic Fruit Strips but Target , Wholefoods also have some great fruit strips.

5. Badger All Natural Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Face Stick 



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