Happy Weekend.

July 25, 2014

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Erica has been out and about and has been posting on Twitter and FB on the fun places she has been visiting. She is planning to go to Bounce soon in Queens, $12 bucks a kid and includes two adults. I'm making the most of my weekends and recently ran into the a new Beacons Closet in Bushwick, it's much smaller then the other Beacons but it had an insane amount of designer clothes! Their must be some cool stylists and fashion girls living in those neck of the woods, not sure how long this will remain a wee bit of  secret.

We recently went upstate and my hubby snap this pic of me running (as usual) after my son, we decided it was the 'summer' version of our logo. The goal is this winter to get one of Erica and I chasing our kids, should be interesting!

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