Make up for Moms: I ♥ chubby sticks!

July 28, 2014

Whether I chose to blame it on the weather or just the natural progression of aging, my lips have just recovered from a few months of server chapping. As we age we need to add more moisture onto our faces, this is why face creams are so popular. I had been adding lipstick all winter long, it had probably been a good decade since I last wore lipstick, as I have always strictly been a lip-gloss girl. But if you read my posts on beauty you know I like one-shot makeup, that one makeup piece that is going to make my face feel less tired. So I am now on the Chubby wagon. Chubby’s for the most part are tinted balms. The Chubby’s I like are made with colors that are more to my stylish liking which is why I tend to use the Clinique ones. I find these tints last for a few hours, they keep my lips nice and moist so a win-win in my book, best part? They can last at least 6 months or longer.

 A few picks (left to right):


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