Happy Weekend and Wanderlust.

August 01, 2014


Hope everyone is having a fab summer. I cannot believe what a NOT quiet summer it has been. As you know Erica is a stay at home mom and I have a day job and both of us have been insanely busy. We have slowed down a bit with posts, as summer days with the kids can do this to you and I will be away next week so MB is on vaca until my return. As always follows us on your social media of choice as we post anything worth the mention or just a great pic. 

Meanwhile, feel free to peruse the site, we post A LOT . Read our book suggestions, travel essentials, want to know what's in my summer tote? We always want you to feel that we cover a mom’s life however if we haven’t touched on a topic or there is something you want to see more , tell us, we love feedback!



  • Primp and Polish is taking over the world, well at least North Brooklyn, they have a new location opening in Greenpoint

Worth The Read

It's raining here in brooklyn, Make



Photo: Bohemian Diesel







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