BTS: School lunch grocery check list.

August 16, 2017

I just spent a summer doing lunch for camp. Every day. Oy vey. I really can’t wait to throw in some school lunches because frankly… I want a break. I know I should be a bit more Zen- really make sure my child is eating healthy and safe food. But when I see chicken nuggets and pizza on the school lunch menu, my heart skips a beat; my head gets a little dizzy. Freedom! I can sleep a 15 extra minutes.

The other non-school lunch days the boy gets made by me for as much as I want to convince him jerk chicken, orange glazed chicken (the school district seems to like chicken) is great he is just not sold on it. So I set the alarm get to my lunch making business.

Here are some foods that I have found to work well. You can buy in bulk, most can be bought organic at stores like Trader Joes, and most importantly they hold up well in the lunch box.

Bread: I will use cookie cutter to make fun shapes so my son is excited to eat stars and hearts.

Bake bread: If you like baking this is an affordable food. Banana bread, carrot bread makes for a nice lunch and can feed a few mouths.

Eggs for Quiche/frittata: hide veggies, add cheese-easy to whip up the night before.

Cold pasta: (or hot if you feel like your child can handle a thermo): this is so easy to make and holds up quite well, my son won’t do cold mac& cheese but will do cold spaghetti. I like the Kid Konserve thermo. 

Hard cheese: I use this for quesadillas, for a side dish, grill cheese sandwiches.

Bagels: I buy the small bagels and my sons love them, they stay soft until lunch.

Salami: Salami seems to hold up quite well. Use it as a side dish or in sandwiches

Meatballs: these can made with the ground meat of your choice, 2 pounds make many and can be separated into smaller baggies and frozen for later.

Grapes/apples: have a longer shelf life then most fruits.

Raisins: When fruit looked scary last winter and I wasn’t in the mood to buy fruit from Chile –raisins came in handy.

Crackers /gluten free chips: Trader Joe has a great assortment. If you have a Costco card buy these in bulk.

Tip: Although it is allowed at the school I personally skip popcorn and nuts. If I add a hot dog, I cut it up. The rules at school are not to share food... but have you seen these kids at lunch? These foods are hot spots for some kids so why take a chance on them being allergic or choking.





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