3 Apps perfect for mom (or dad).

August 20, 2014

Gearing up for BTS and I want this year to be about organization. Like most moms I juggle a lot and my son's school is a bit like a part time job. Volunteering and fundraising are a big part of his school and top this off with homework- I felt I had wheels spinning in all directions. Hopefully some help in the tech sphere will get me (and you) organized this school year!

Here are 3 apps for the busy parent:


An app that is perfect for the busy family. With this app you can keep track of your family, plan, communicate with whomever you invite into your group. I plan to use this for both my husband and son’s schedule this year as well as communicate with the group of moms that are in my network as we help each other with our kid’s pickups. The best part it is private and by invite only. It’s a pretty intricate app and has many layers so definitely check it out .


The paperwork in my life is getting out of hand. With the juggling of work, Motherburg and the ‘memos’ we get at my son’s school it has gotten out of hand. Evernote note taking app that let’s you store notes, photos-so snap of pic of an important field trip slip then store it so you won’t forget. Download this on your computer and streamline it on all your devices. You can register for the basic plan for free and upgrade $5 a month for Premium and $10 for business.


If you are a person with many lists then this is your ultimate list organizer. You can streamline your list so you can add to it whenever you want. You can share your with others, set reminders, due dates, print and much more. Perfect for the mom who is frankly all about her lists.


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