The Volumed Ponytail

September 02, 2014


I tend to wear my hair up during the summer for the heat is too unbearable to and sweaty hair isn’t fun. With the exception of the last few days- NewYork has had a cool summer so the heat hasn't really been the excuse. It has been more about time and I find the pony an easy style to wear especially if you're a mom on the go.

The trick is to make it look full. Even if you have fine hair you can have a ponytail that looks thick. To be honest what I find helps with all hair is using a textured or volume spray paired with a strong ponytail holder. Even when I tease my hair to create the look in the photo, it falls out so a textured product is key. The ponytail I am wearing (above photo) is actually a clean ponytail. Some people feel the dirtier the better, which I think depends on the texture of your hair for fine hair can get weighed down when dirty.

2 Easy Steps to a full pony.

  • I took a texture spray and sprayed it into the ponytail. You can actually see one of my co-workers hidden in the background spraying her own hair to pump up her layers. Hard day at work, I know. These sprays create instant volume and the air moves the hair while holding it so it looks tousled. The only thing I’ll say about these sprays is that some of them can dry your hair so I wouldn’t suggest using it daily unless you us extra condition on your hair.
  • I then just wrapped it with a plain elastic band then added the metal clip which helps give the pony extra life. You can use two to three elastic bands to create the same effect since the lift is key to this look.

3 products I have tested and have great results:

 Now go get your pony on!

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