Learning to ask for help...

September 19, 2014

Well, after five years of being a stay at home mom and doing nothing but watching TV and eating bon bons (insert sarcasm here... and wonder, do they still make bon bons?!?!)... anyway, after five years of focusing 100% of my time to my family, I was faced with the facts that I would have both children in school full time.  We made the decision to send my son to school in March, and I think we found out about his acceptance in April.... by May I had applied for a teaching position.  Only one.  All my eggs in one basket.  But, the hours were ideal, starting after I would have sent my kids on their merry way, and, finishing in time to pick them.  And, I got it!  I was super excited to embark on this new journey.  But then the worrying started.... since I had been home, many kid related things fell onto my shoulders... drops offs, pick ups, lunch making, doctor appointments, etc.  And now I am trying to figure it all out. 
My husband jokes that I complain he doesn't help, and will tell me that I never ask for help.... he 'isn't a mind reader' he will tell me.  And I will walk away in a huff because, well, he is right.  It is easy to say, oh, no one ever helps me, but, it sometimes can be much harder to say, hey, can you help me?  I am a pretty tough mama, and can multitask like no one else, I even claim that the busier I am, the more tasks on my plate, the better that I am because I am forced to do everything vs. saying, oh, I will get to that later.  But I am not one to ask for help.  Now, with me working, as great as my hours are, I have had to ask for help.  My husband has made himself more available on these first few weeks back to school.  My parents have extended a weekend stay to include a Monday morning to get my son on the bus.  My friends have watched my daughter at the park while I dash home to get my son off the bus.  And, slowly, all the pieces are falling into place.  I am figuring out the morning routine and the timing of getting everyone ready and where they need to be on time.  (Donna posted some great tips here)
Maybe the seasoned working mamas are pros at this, but, as a new working mama, I am finding out that asking for help, well, it gets you help!  So to all the busy mamas out there - working or at home - take a moment, and when that early morning meeting forces you to leave earlier than usual in the morning, or, that newborn baby kept you up all night - ask for help! 
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