8 coats prefect for fall...

September 22, 2014

If last winter taught me anything- it was get your coat situation together early in the season. I have put aside what coats will work for my boy and I just bought #8 for him. It is warm enough to work for him until winter hits and if we have another cold winter his patagonia puffer (amazing warm-600 count) still fits him and I will be using this as a layering piece. I also have fleece lined sweatshirts and this great polar tech/ fleece lined jacket that was less then $15 from Children's Place and a chi chi hooded sweater of cashmere I bought on sale at Jcrew. 

So buy a coat you or your child will love and then if you live in a cold climate like I do think of the warmer pieces that will keep him/her nice and toasty. Here are just a few I love... I tried to not go puffer crazy for we all know at this point the best places to get them. Here is our coat post from last year for a refresher.

1. Girls Furry Puffer via Jcrew

2. Coat With Hood via H&M 

3. Anais and i emma coat via Sweet William 

4.  Crew Neck Fur via Zara

5. Anai and i puffy coat max via sweet william 

6. Boy's Expedition Parka via Jcrew

7. Ronnie Coat via Stella McCartney 

8. Padded Parka via H&M


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