5 Super Affordable Pieces from 9 by Novogratz

September 25, 2014


The popular design couple 9 by Novogratz has a new line at Walmart which brings these chic pieces at affordable prices. I love the grey couch and still cannot believe it is $400 which is perfect for a family with kids for my kid has demolish our couch and it was not $400. So many times when these cool design teams bring their looks to the masses they are frankly scary, I love that these styles don't looked dumbed down. People are catching on that these pieces are at Walmart and they are selling out fast so definitely give the line a look, it's worth it!

1. Vintage mixed Futon

2. Color Wheel Decorative Pillow

3. Kaleidoscope Shower Curtain

4.Gold Chevron Chair

5. Kaleidoscope 3 -piece bath set


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