5 Beauty and fash go to's for fall.

September 29, 2014


Redken Windblown Finishing Spray This Wind Blown from Redken is a-mazing. The formula is a concoction of dry shampoo and hairspray, which gives your hair an instant tousled look. I use it when I have about 1 minute to do my hair. How addicted am I to this product? My beauty co-workers gave me 3 bottles just to shut me up for I kept asking for it every morning. I’ll be posting video of how it works soon but basically your hair is straight and you spray into it and it is instant texture and slight separation.

Davines Dede Conditioner Leave In Mist My hair seems to be at a permanent dry stage unless I constantly replenish. Wheter it is the environment, stress and heating tools or all of the above a daily spritz is a must even in cold weather. The grape extract works as a sun repellant and the Panthenol helps to moisture while adding shine.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer Living in colder climates I always suggest a bit of a bronzer or a tinted moisturizer. I like to use Jergens Natural Glow, I  use it about twice a week. It’s gradual coloring is appreciated especially as the fall and winter months start to wear and show on the face a bit, the SPF an added plus.

2 minutes to get to get out the door Saturday morning? Get a hat. I have written about the benefits of hat wearing before and this season you’ll find options galore in the hat arena. Cool baseball caps, wide brims or just wear your favorite team cap but a hat provides an instant cover up where you can go make up free and little to no hair brushing is require.

My photo doesn’t do this knitted scarf justice but I sometimes forget I am even wearing one. I especially like the infinity for it is easy to throw on, frames your face and who doesn’t look good with some chunky knit color around the chin area?!


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